Worship at Enon

Here at Enon Baptist, we worship multiple ways throughout the week. Our Sunday Morning Service is designed to bring the entire body together in song, in the Word, and in fellowship and communion with each other. Our Wednesday Evenings are devoted to an emphasis on worshipping through a church-wide fellowship dinner, then separating into a time of studying the Bible. Here we use Faith Weavers to connect with our younger children, the middle and high school students meet to study a designated book of the Bible, and the adults have multiple classes they may choose to attend. The third way that we worship is through giving. Giving your tithes and sacrificial offerings help this church body continue to operate, helping provide resources we can utilize to serve our local, national, and global communities. Whether you are a single adult visiting for the first time or a family looking for a new church home, there are many ways to worship our Lord and Savior here at Enon Baptist Church. We would love to connect with you.

Various Worship Ministries

Here you will find a short list of Worship Ministries along with a link to their specific page. 

  • Sunday Morning

    Our Sunday Morning service is designed for visitors and members alike. You will find everything you need to know about it here.

  • Wednesday Evening

    Our Wednesday Evenings are designated for a time of fellowship and study. You will find all that information here.

  • Media

    You will find audio files for our sermons by clicking here.

  • Giving

    Giving is what keeps any church operational. You can find out more on how to donate to Enon Baptist Church here