Sunday Morning

At Enon, we want everyone to feel comfortable. Dress varies in our Sunday morning worship services; some wear jeans and t-shirts while others dress a bit more formal. Wear what you feel comfortable in. You will be met by a friendly, loving church family that is grateful for your visit. There are opportunities to experience learning, fellowship and community through our Sunday School classes beginning at 9:45. Corporate worship begins at 11AM. You will experience a variety of music styles, both new and old. You will hear biblical preaching that is challenging and applicable to life. We desire to worship the Lord in spirit and in truth with our minds and hearts. Whether you have a large family or you are attending alone, we desire to help you live a Bible-centered, God-exalting life!  

Sunday Worship Nursery

We believe that in order for parents to worship our Lord without distraction that we need to be able to provide a safe and loving environment for your babies and toddlers during our worship service when you need it.  They are welcome to be with you in the sanctuary as well, but whenever you need us, we look forward to serving you by serving your children during our worship time.

Nursery Schedule: Winter_2018_Nursery_Master.xlsx